Regional Programs
Projects and Services Scope

Employment Facilitation and Capacity Building Services

aims to address the challenges on labor supply and employment demand mismatch by increasing the levels of, opportunities for, and access to decent and productive work for all. It creates bridging employment opportunities to would be employed, unemployed or jobseekers in the region. It promotes linkages and better coordination between employers, academia and government agencies through strengthening both public and private sector labor market information and exchange institutions, especially at the local levels; investing in the formal and regular skills training and upgrading of workers and service providers; capacitating the informal sector in the economy and providing them access to financial resources thereby creating an enabling environment and generating jobs in the countryside.

The following programs and services :

·         Implementation of Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)
·         Conduct of Job Fair
·         Provision of Labor Market Information
·         Phil-Jobnet
·         Livelihood and Emergency Employment
·         Accreditation of Co-Partner

Labor Force and Welfare Service

sets to create value and appreciation on the purpose of existence of DOLE for workers, employers, government partners, stakeholders, and to the community and for DOLE to build mutually beneficial relations among them in order to broaden their participation in policy decision-making. This MFO also seeks to strengthen tripartism at the company, industry and community levels. 

All this aims to establish the means for sustaining growth in business and investments preserving existing jobs and generating productive employment while ensuring the welfare benefits and well-being due to the workers are given.

The following programs and services :

  • Continuing Labor and Employment Education Services (CLEES)
  • Installation and Capacity Building of Family Welfare Committee
  • SAP Maternity and Death Benefit Claims

Employment Regulations Programs

seeks to strengthen compliance on the constitutionally protected rights of workers, their statutory benefit and their safety and health conditions at work.

This also aims to sets in place the regulatory requirements to preserve existing jobs and to even out the field in accessing employment, attracting investment s, enhancing competitions as well as for increasing business’ and growth.

The following programs and services :

·         Joint Assessment
·         Conduct of Technical Safety Inspection (TSI)
·         Conduct of Compliance Visit
·         Conduct Occupational Safety and Health Investigation
·         Single Entry Approach
·         Incentivizing Compliance Program
·         Labor Standards Cases Disposition – Joint Assessment
·         Med-Arb Cases Disposition
·         Conduct of Certification Election
·         Registration of Labor Organization
·         Registration of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
·         Registration of Workers Association
·         Issuance of Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA) License
·         Issuance of Authority to Recruit
·         Registration of Contractors and Sub-contractors (D.O. 18-A s.2011)
·         Issuance of Alien Employment Permit
·         Issuance of Working Child Permit
·         Accreditation of Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner
·         Issuance of Clearance Certificate of No or with Pending case

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