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"Decent and productive employment for every Filipino worker"


This is the vision by which the DOLE continues to live by. Every day, we seek the promotion of gainful employment opportunities, advancement of workers' welfare, and maintaining of industrial peace. Working at DOLE takes you places: at worksites around the country and at our overseas posts in countries where we find OFWs. At DOLE, we attend to the needs of employees and employers alike, promoting harmonious, equitable, and stable employment relations that assure equal protection for the rights of all concerned parties. We optimize the development and utilization of the country's human resources. We are forerunners in international forums that push for just and human working conditions.

Like you, we are people-centered, values-driven, professional, responsive, and passionate about our work.

We believe that you bring with you unique skills and talent that can help improve and develop our work,  whether you are a new graduate or a professional who wants to work for the government.  We are actively seeking the best talent to join our organization. 

Growth and Development

In DOLE, every employee is valued. We help each other grow and develop to the fullest potential. We think of training as an important part of career development of all our employees, and they come in different sets. Training takes the form of on-the-job training, job enrichment, and structured training both locally and overseas. Informal learning sessions, such as sharing of what one has learned in a recently-attended training of co-employees, also take place.  

As soon as you enter DOLE, you will undergo an induction program. DOLE also gives core training programs for technical and administration positions, supervisors and middle managers, and directors. We also take into consideration the future of the Department by honing the knowledge, skills, and attitude of the finest people of the organization through the DOLE Next Gen of Leaders, our management succession program. 

To match our training programs and initiative, the Department also offers scholarships for completion of Bachelor’s, Graduate, or Post-Graduate studies, as well as attendance to review classes or refresher courses. Scholarships could either be of local and foreign.


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JULY 13, 2016


(Information, Education and Communication)

Working under the supervision of the Deputy Program Manager, the Program Technical Staff contributes to the operation of the K-12 DOLE AMP, produces documentation, and coordinates and disseminates information in support of the smooth implementation of the K-12 DOLE AMP as well as the successful completion of other tasks assigned relateive to the K-12 Transition Period.


  • Communication and knowledge management support
  • Conduct research to support the program
  • Program implementation and monitoring support
  • Assist the Regional Focal Person in the implementation of the program
  • Perform liaison work with other government agencies (national and regional level) and stakeholders (mostly employer nd labor groups, persons from the education sector)
  • Help analyze information and prepare relevant materials
  • Support the presentation of information for evaluation of the program
  • Ensure the timely submission of requested information, reports

Administrative, financial and logistical support

  • Submit supporting documents and filing of documents in proper standards
  • Maintain required administrative records (Administrative sheets, meeting reports, travel documents)
  • Maintain good rapport with government agencies and stakeholders to foster continuous smooth working relationship with them.
  • Assists in preparation and submission of required documents, reports
  • Draft correspondence with government agencies, stakeholders and other organizations
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.
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